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24th Jan 2018
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2016 Geen Bloei vs Bloei Shiraz (2x750ml)


Shiraz grapes were handpicked from a vineyard in the Perdeberg. Half of it was crushed (NIE BLOEI), while the other half (BLOEI) was crushed and 40% of the juice removed (called bleeding) to increase the skin to juice ratio. Both of these were then fermented until the end of alcoholic fermentation on the skins and pressed. After pressing the two wines were divided into two old barrels and matured for 18 months before being bottled separately. The GEEN BLOEI has fruitier, berry and minty notes with a medium-bodied mouth feel and can be enjoyed with pasta or chicken dishes. The BLOEI wine has spicier aromas with a fuller, tannic mouthfeel, which is due to larger skin to juice ratio that facilitate the extraction of tannins into the wine. The latter wine will go well with steak, lamb chops, venison or even strong cheeses. Taste these wines to assess the effect different skin to juice ratios has on a red wine…
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