Want to improve your wine knowledge? Then you are at the right place… I have been involved with wine education and research the past 18 years. During this time I have observed the need of wine lovers to be able to taste the effect of a certain wine making intervention on a wine. The interest in wine and how these are produced are increasing, while the public is keen to ascertain the effect of certain winemaking interventions on a wine’s aroma and taste. However, many variables such as terroir, vineyard and winemaking practices can all influence a wine’s composition, thereby making judging the effect of an individual winemaking step on two wines with different origins impossible. You can now compare three handcrafted pairs of wines with each other (Collatio “to compare” in Latin). Each pair was made in the same manner except for one winemaking variable. Only one barrel of each of these wines was produced from top end vineyards, making these boutique wines. These wines are ideal for tasting clubs, wine educators as well as the general wine collector or lover. Take your wine knowledge to the next level with the Collatio collection.



I have been doing research in oenology (wine science) and teaching winemaking for the past 18 years. I have used this knowledge to produce these wines with the help of my wife, Ilze du Toit and my two little boys, Phillip and Simon. The latter two are actually very handy in harvest time, as they obviously love to get dirty, which is part of winemaking!

~ Prof Wessel du Toit